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Re: coding systems

From: Joseph Brenner
Subject: Re: coding systems
Date: Tue, 03 Nov 2009 11:11:28 -0800
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Tim X <address@hidden> writes:

> Joseph Brenner <address@hidden> writes:
>> What is the simplest possible thing I can do to convince emacs
>> to never, ever, bug me about what coding system a file should be
>> saved under?
>> For extra points, a solution that minimizes data lossage would be
>> nice, but not strictly necessary from my point of view.  I just
>> want the "Select a coding system" question to go away.
> What version of emacs? There have been considerable changes, especially
> in emacs 23 that may affect what solution is best.

Yes, I should've mentioned that I'm running a cvs emacs, of
late-October vintage.

> It has been a long time since I've even seen this question.

It's been a low-grade issue with me for some time.  If I cut-and-paste
something from a firefox window to some notes in an emacs file,
there's invariable a "smart quote", or an emdash or something that
emacs doesn't know what to do with.

More recently, I've started seeing a worse problem: there's a package
I've been working on to use desktop.el for things like intelligent crash
recovery ("desktop-recover.el", at a github near you).  When there are
some international characters stashed in a register that "desktop-save"
wants to preserve, then I'm asked for a coding system not just once, but
every single time the auto-save-hook fires, because I use it to do
automatic "desktop-save"s.

> Given the improvements in emacs 23 for coding systems, I'd recommend
> upgrading to emacs 23 if your not already using it and then start
> diagnosing the issue to find a solution.

You're probably right that emacs 23 is the way to go on this, but then
a side-effect of the improvements is that the documentation has gotten
a little more complicated.

It is a point that I should make sure I don't have any cruft from older
emacs in my set-up files.

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