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RE: nXML questions

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: nXML questions
Date: Tue, 3 Nov 2009 06:47:05 -0800

> > AFAIU nxml is designed exclusively to edit XML Schema files.
> > XML Schema don't use a DTD as docbook does.
> That sounds a bit strange. Is there a misunderstanding there?
> You can for example edit XHTML files with nXml. It uses the DTD, but
> it have to have it converted to an .rng file. Please see the home page
> for nXml for more information about how to convert a DTD to a .rng
> file.
> A .rng file for DocBook comes with Emacs. However there are several
> DocBook DTDs. There are perhaps also some things that nXml does not
> cover fully, but I do not know this well.

I'm no expert on nxml, but I thought that it did *not* support XML Schema. I
thought it only supported Relax NG and DTDs (and maybe some other things).

I wish it did support XML Schema.

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