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No filenames in Buffers menu

From: Peter Flynn
Subject: No filenames in Buffers menu
Date: Sun, 01 Nov 2009 17:31:42 +0000
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I just installed Ubuntu 9.10, and added Emacs 22.
Everything works fine except that when I have multiple files visited,
there are no filenames in the Buffers menu, only the following:

*GNU Emacs* %
*Messages* *
Next Buffer      (C-x <C-right>)
Previous Buffer   (C-x <C-left>)
Select Named Buffer...   (C-x b)
List All Buffers       (C-x C-b)

This doesn't seem right: how do I navigate to all my other open files
unless I use C-x b and start typing the name (and some are quite long
and similar to others)?

Was there a reason behind taking this facility away? I can't see
anywhere in the Options for putting it back the way it always has been.


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