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RE: icicles doc question

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: icicles doc question
Date: Sat, 31 Oct 2009 23:24:14 -0700

> Ive been looking around the icicles doc keybindings and find things
> like C-next and C-prior
> What is next and prior? Right and left dont seem to be it.
> [I am on a laptop which has only one set of arrow keys]

`next' and `prior' are what Emacs calls the logical keys that correspond to the
physical keys that are often labeled "Page Down" and "Page Up". `C-next' and
`C-prior' are the same, with the "Control" key held down.

This is mentioned in the Icicles doc, here:

and here:

It is also discussed in the Emacs manual, nodes `Moving Point', `Minibuffer
Edit', `Completion Commands', and `Scrolling'. See the Index, under `PageDown',
`PageUp', `next' and `prior'.

The keypad versions, `kp-next' and `kp-prior' are discussed in the Elisp manual,
node `Function Keys'.


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