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Grand Unified Debugger Rewrite's process buffer: comint, eterm or eshel

From: rocky
Subject: Grand Unified Debugger Rewrite's process buffer: comint, eterm or eshell?
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 2009 07:32:15 -0700 (PDT)
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I have started to rewrite gud from the ground up.

For the process buffer I have 3 choices.

1. I can stick with comint.el. It seems the most creaky.

2. term.el is pretty cool, but it doesn't provide a hook to run when
output is produced and this is something I need. I use it both in
comint.el and eshell.el in "shell tracker" (think pdb-track) mode. So
this leads to the last choice ...

3. eshell.el. It also seems pretty cool too. However its focus seems
to be more as a command shell rather than a process buffer manager
interacting via elisp to a debugger front-end. This mismatch in goals
manifests itself in little things like the ability to set the name of
the buffer initially, starting the shell with a specific debugger
invocation, customizing the banner shown on entry, avoiding the myriad
of key bindings that are not applicable here. Although little things
each easly addressed, I think they are manifestations of the larger
issue may keep cropping up if I go down this path.

So right now, my take is to add a output filter hook to term.el. But
I'd be interested and grateful in thoughts and suggestions.

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