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Problem with editting files on a Windows share

From: zontom
Subject: Problem with editting files on a Windows share
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2009 10:29:40 +0100
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Sorry for the length explanation, but I actually don't quite know what is happening precisely...

If I understand thing correctly, Emacs stores a temporary version of the buffer you are working in somewhere in a temp folder on the system when you are visiting a file. When you save the file, what actually happens is that the temporary file is copied to the actual location of the file (so I am NOT talking about the automatic backup (~) files Emacs stores in the same directory).

I am using Emacs on a Linux machine to edit files on a Windows (cifs) share. The problem is that Emacs constantly thinks that my current buffer differs form the most recent change, so it keeps asking if I really want to edit/save the file.

The reason this happens might be that Windows treats dot-files differently in terms of permissions than other files (and the temporary file mentioned above is a dot file). So this would cause Emacs being unable to change the file it just created itself. So a (bit quick and dirty) workaround for this problem would be to have Emacs use other names for these temporary files (preferrably NOT starting with a dot).
Would anybody know how to achieve this..?!?
Is there an option I can set in my .emacs file that can do this?!?

(Or another solution would be highly appreciated too, because I quite ran out of ideas/options...).

Many thanks!


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