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Re: Viewing PDFs as text?

From: Tassilo Horn
Subject: Re: Viewing PDFs as text?
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2009 20:48:38 +0100
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Samuel Wales <address@hidden> writes:

Hi Samuel,

> I missed the first part of the thread and also don't seem to have
> doc-view, as I am on a mac and do not have emacs 23, but this is
> fantastic functionality.

Thanks, I hope emacs 23 is coming soon that you can enjoy this new

> Again, I am out of the loop, but wouldn't the normal way to be to have
> a variable that allows something like 'emacs-only, 'external-only,
> 'when-gui as options?

Maybe.  But emacs currently does the same with pdf/ps/dvi files it does
with image files.  If it can display them (x11 frame) then it does, else
it opens it in an editing mode.  So at least it's consistent.

>> I think most of the time nobody wants to view a pdf/ps/dvi as plain
>> text.  So my general advice would be: Use doc-view in X11 frames, but
>> do
> Except for the silent users who need plain text for accessibility
> reasons!

Sure!  But I guess you don't feel discriminated cause you need to type
`C-c C-t' once to get the pure text contents, right? ;-)


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