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RE: build a macro that opens a directory and prompts for file name

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: build a macro that opens a directory and prompts for file name
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2009 10:15:50 -0800

> >> > > I have been googleing and reading the docs trying to figure out a
> >> > > solution to this. I spend the majority of my time working 
> >> > > in a single directory on a CIFS server and I am always doing a 
> >> > > C-x C-f \\server\dir\long_sub_dir\subdir\filename
> >> >
> >> > > In the spirit of emacs I'd like to automate it so that 
> >> > > when I do C-co it knows the directory and simply prompts me for
> >> > > the file to be opened or if I leave it blank and press RET it
> >> > > lists the directory.
> >> >
> >> > I use bookmarks to take me to the directories themselves.
> >>
> >> Thanks Chris. That is exactly what I need. Wonderful.
> >
> > I too use and recommend using bookmarks.
> >
> > But from your description, all you want is a command that reads
> > a file name in some predefined directory. You can do that just
> > by binding `default-directory' to the directory and calling
> > `find-file':
> This is not even needed!
> You only have to type C-x C-f, that's all. By default it is in the
> default-directory, which is a buffer local variable, so if your
> current buffer is in the right directory, you've got nothing more to
> do.
> So the answer, and you won't say you've not been warned, is not to
> kill your old buffers!  Just leave them alone in emacs.  Thus, with
> your old buffer in the right directory, you just type C-x C-f and the
> other file name.
> If you really need to kill your buffer before opening another file,
> you could open a directory buffer:
>    C-x C-f \\server\dir\long_sub_dir\subdir\ RET
> Note that in this directory buffer you may just click (or type RET) on
> a file to open it.
> Also, you could use some more sophisticated package such as speedbar,
> but it would be overkill...

All of what Pascal says is true and pertinent.

FYI, you can also just use Emacs (yes, Emacs) command `cd' to change the
`default-directory' at any time. No need to open a Dired buffer.

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