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Re: Shell aliases as shell-commands

From: Sebastian Tennant
Subject: Re: Shell aliases as shell-commands
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2009 09:07:32 +0000
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Quoth Chetan <address@hidden>:
>> I thought it would be trivial to implement a 'M-x alias' function
>> that would make aliases defined in my ~/.bashrc available to
>> 'M-x >> shell-command' calls

> I have a .bash_aliases that I load from .bashrc, so have also used
> . ~/.bash_aliases ; myalias

Really?  Doesn't work for me.

 -- *scratch* buffer --

 (shell-command ". ~/.bashrc; ll")
 -| /bin/bash: ll: command not found
 => 127

 -- end of buffer --

yet the alias 'll' is defined in my ~/.bashrc, like so:

 alias ll="ls -l"

I also get the same result interactively.

 M-x shell-command RET . ~/.bashrc; ll RET

Could you provide more detail as to how you access your aliases?


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