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Re: emacs gdb layout

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: emacs gdb layout
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2009 09:17:38 +1300

Ritchie writes:
 > After start gdb inside emacs with option "--annotation=3 --fullname",

The gdb option is "--annotate=3" so this wouldn't run at all.  Gdb should
start woth only one of these options and with M-x gdb it should be
"--annotate=3" for the graphical interface.  For text mode, i.e, like
Emacs 21, use M-x gud-gdb which will give you "--fullname".

 > I ran gdb-many-windows to get the gdb layout which contains the local
 > variable buffer, stack frame buffer and breakpoint buffers. However
 > these buffers do not show anything as I run debugger. In order to get
 > local buffer to display local variable values, stack frame buffer to
 > display stack status and break point display current breakpoint info
 > as I run the debugger, what am I missing?

I suggest uou read the debuggers section of the Emacs manual.


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