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RE: viewing random list of files in dired

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: viewing random list of files in dired
Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2009 08:15:37 -0800

> >> is it possible to view a random list of files with dired ?
> >>
> >> What I really want is to examine a couple 100 of images from
> >> different directories as thumbnails with associated filename.
> >> The names come from the command line. None of the programs I
> >> have tried (gthumb,gqview,xzgv,feh) can do it.
> By random I ment that the files have no particular common property
> (like coming from the same directory).
> Creating links in a new directory seems to be the best bet. After
> the frustration from trying 5 different programs settled down, I
> modified dired-image to accept a list of files. While the results
> are pleasing, it just takes to long for > 1000 files.

Yes, and you don't need to create symlinks or otherwise modify your file system.

If you use Icicles, you can define a set of arbitrary file or directory names
and later open Dired for just that set. You can save the set persistently, if
you like.

You can create the list of file names any way you like - it's just a list of
names. The names could originally "come from the command line", for instance. 

You can also create or add to such a set of file names using the files that are
marked in Dired buffers.

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