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Re: debug connecting to emacsclient

From: Harry Putnam
Subject: Re: debug connecting to emacsclient
Date: Sat, 17 Jan 2009 13:48:50 -0600
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"Sven Bretfeld" <address@hidden> writes:

> Do you have more than one Emacs version installed? If you are, for
> example, under Debian or Ubuntu, Emacs 23 will probably come from the
> emacs-snapshot package. If you, then, type 'emacsclient -c' you will
> invoke the client of Emacs 22. But Emacs 22 has no server running, so
> the client waits for ever. You can do two things:

Yes, but that is handled for gentoo users by eselect which targets one 
version.  So that isn't a problem.

But In another post I mentioned that Svens advice for -c -t was right
on the money inspite of what the emacsclient manual says.

I'm starting to like Svens idea about backgrounding a daemon too.

I've run into a problem about starting the server.  I've found that
following the advice of the emacs info on emacsclient, to put
(open-server) in .emacs leads to a problem.

Every time I start emacs it starts a new server so if I have started
more than one and turned it back off, it seems to make impossible to
connect to the remaining emacs server.  Or maybe it gets stopped when
another emacs starts or something.

My usage of emacs has always been to start an emacs when ever I feel
the need... turning some of them off when done but usually leaving a
session of emacs running gnus.  That is usually what I want to connect
to when I ssh in remotely.  But if I started another emacs in the
meantime I'll connect to it instead.  Or if I started and stopped
another emacs I won't be able to connect to emacs at all.

So it seems there should be some info about that being a problem.
Maybe some example code that will recognize that a server is running
and not start another one.  

All though I wouldn't expect this in the manual, in my case
something like predicating starting a server on whether 
  `ps wwaux|grep [g]nus' 
shows an emacs running gnus already would be useful.

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