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Re: How to speed up ido?

From: Andreas Politz
Subject: Re: How to speed up ido?
Date: Sat, 17 Jan 2009 12:13:49 +0100
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senny wrote:
Hey there

I wrote a function to open any file in my project using ido. The
Problem is, that the project has a lot of files and a deeply nested
directory structure. When i then complete the file name in ido using
fuzzy-matching it is extremely slow and unusable. Is there a way to
increase the speed of ido? or should i take another approach to this
problem? I am currently using the method "ido-completing-read".


A while ago I wrote a mode called ido-hacks. As the name
suggests it contains a couple of more or less dirty
modifications to ido, among them :

* faster display of prospect (streamlined one loop)
* caching of already computed flex-matches
* use ido for every completing-read call

If you're interested I could mail/post it and you could maybe
extract the optimization parts (It's one advice and one redefinition.)
Btw, I am using it all the time.


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