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Re: Scroll preserving point position - other meaning

From: tyler
Subject: Re: Scroll preserving point position - other meaning
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2009 17:55:14 -0400
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volodyan <address@hidden> writes:
> I am using Emacs with X and struggling to do the following. How can I
> preserve point's position while scrolling IN TEXT? 

Others have sent you code that maybe can solve this problem, although
I'm not sure it's possible. Another approach that might be simpler is to
use the mark. If you set the mark before you start scrolling (C-spc),
you can then return to the spot you started at with C-x C-x.

> Another, I think related issue, if I want to find a matching parentheses, I
> click on one and the region between the two is selected. If this region fits
> the screen - fine. But if not, when I try scrolling using a mouse to find
> another end of the region, the region gets unselected. 

If you want to find the matching parenthesis, put the cursor/point on
the first one and use M-C-n to jump to the closing parenthesis. Or put
point on the closing bracket and use M-C-p to jump to the opening

> In all other graphical editors scrolling with a mouse doesn't move
> point/unselects region. I just "upgraded" to Emacs from Eclipse and I
> guess there is a way to get such behavior in Emacs. How?

I'm not sure if you can actually get the specific behaviour you want
with Emacs, but if you experiment a bit you might find keyboard
shortcuts that achieve the same objective. Most of the time I've found
that things that seem really dumb/painful in Emacs are that way because
there is a more sensible alternative. Finding those alternatives is part
of the fun of Emacs.  



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