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Re: what is the easiest way to install a thesaurus feature in emacs?

From: Xah Lee
Subject: Re: what is the easiest way to install a thesaurus feature in emacs?
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2009 07:08:44 -0800 (PST)
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> How can I install a thesaurus in emacs?

> by Torsten Hilbrich
> which is a interface to, which includes a similar words dict.

Richard Riley wrote:
> This seems to be a subset of the excellent dictem package

i tried it before and somewhat hated it.

It requires you to install a third party dict software. But it does
not mention this fact explicitly until you try to install it. I
vaguely recall it was originally a modification of Torsten's package,
but i think it's worse in one important respect because now it
UNCESSARILY relies on another software.

dict protocol is a simple text based protocol. Elisp can handle it
completely, perhaps even better than other langs. It is extremely
silly to throw away the core of Torsten's engine. Further, if i have
to install another dict program for accessing online dicts ... i
really have a million choices, the last would be something from the
linux world.

i can also simply have few lines of elisp so that i can have emacs as
interface to access any web based dict thru w3 engine.

somehow i find dictem distasteful, perhaps dishonest and technically
stupid. I could be wrong ...


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