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Re: exporting from emacs to excel

From: rustom
Subject: Re: exporting from emacs to excel
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2009 22:56:02 -0800 (PST)
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Thanks Colin, Paul, Xah for the comments and tips.
Here are some clarifications.
excel is not a choice its a given; emacs-org is the choice!

The context: Our organization has a web-based system for logging hours
which can be slow at times.
It has a facility to upload the hours in an xls format so thats where
the given comes from.

So csv also is not an option in itself except as a hopping point
between emacs and xls.
Assuming I use that hopping point the task breaks up into 3:
1. Write elisp code to scrape an org mode file containing hours
clocked (in a suitable format) and write it to a csv file (in a
corresponding format)
2. Write a wscript script to read in the csv into excel and write it
out as xls
3. Write a ??? script to upload the output of 2 to the server

Even if we ignore 3, I was seeing what it would take to combine 1 and
2 into a 'one-click' solution (rather one-M-x solution) that would
convert my org record into an xls file.

Xah: Ive not really thought about 1 (and perhaps the better place to
pursue it would be the org mode list). I will do that if the other
parts seem workable.

Colin: The link you sent seems to be some other lisp? Or does it work
in elisp?

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