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RE: Inserting numeric characters multiple times

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Inserting numeric characters multiple times
Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2009 08:15:46 -0800

> Normally when I want to insert a single character multiple
> times I type C-u N and then the character, where N is the
> number of time I want it inserted. How would I do this if
> the character was a number?

`C-u N C-u 5' inserts `5' N times

The Emacs manual is your friend. `C-h r', the `i C-u' takes you to node
`Arguments', at the end of which you see this:

"You can use a numeric argument before a self-inserting character to
insert multiple copies of it.  This is straightforward when the
character is not a digit; for example, `C-u 6 4 a' inserts 64 copies of
the character `a'.  But this does not work for inserting digits; `C-u 6
4 1' specifies an argument of 641.  You can separate the argument from
the digit to insert with another `C-u'; for example, `C-u 6 4 C-u 1'
does insert 64 copies of the character `1'."

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