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Re: Fraktur

From: A. Soare
Subject: Re: Fraktur
Date: Sun, 11 Jan 2009 04:19:06 +0100 (CET)

> > I got it. I see Fraktur now, after having installed the good font. I
> > am very happy. Thanks.
> Good.
> So, how does it work out for you? Allegedly, blackletter aides word
> recognition (it doesn't for me). »JSL Blackletter« might not really be
> appropriate for on-screen display, though, it seems a bit washy.

I use JSL Blackletter. I have installed it as true type font. I used this file:

After having installed it , emacs and mozilla recognize it. In .emacs I call:

(set-default-font "-unknown-JSL 

> By the way, this font is not a *fraktur*. It is textualis (which I find
> much more pleasing); its squiggled capitals might not really suit a
> capital-heavy language like German.

JSL Blackletter seems to me almost identical to Fraktur.

Compare `y` for exemple. Topologically they are very identical.

I like it.

Maybe the editors in Germany will use again and use Fraktur to print books ?

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