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Re: Writing CV with Emacs

From: Sean Sieger
Subject: Re: Writing CV with Emacs
Date: Sat, 10 Jan 2009 14:31:19 -0500
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Jean Magnan de Bornier <address@hidden> writes:

    In addition to what Richard, Peter and Tim wrote, I draw your attention to
    muse-mode, also allowing export of a buffer to pdf (through LaTeX or
    conTeXt) and html/xhtml, and other formats.

    Your choice is big indeed!

Right?  Um, CTAN is a bit overwhelming.  Early on, I discovered CurVe
there.  It worked for me until it didn't.  I think CurVe was a nice
format for a CV that isn't very extensive.  But when I recently rewrote
mine, I was attempting to put my twenty-six-year career in perspective
on _two_ pages.  I stumbled on Currvita and it worked like a charm.  I'm
not very imaginative when it comes to making lists about myself and this
CTAN package was one of the easiest methods I have ever used for
building my resume.

With TeXLive 2008 (or 2007?) installed, do

texdoc currvita

It takes a second to for TeX to build you a Currvita manual, but you'll
be glad you did.

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