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editing output in shell mode

From: Samuel Wales
Subject: editing output in shell mode
Date: Fri, 9 Jan 2009 14:12:16 -0700

Let's say you do something in shell mode that produces a lot of
output.  Normally, you'd use less(1), but that is not possible in
shell mode.

Ideally, you'd view the output in an emacs buffer, perhaps in text
mode, so that you can edit it and navigate it.

Is there a way to pipe this output to, say, emacsclient?

Or -- more sophisticatedly -- is there another solution that uses
shell mode, e.g. to grab the output once it detects that it is a lot
of output, and redirect it into a text mode buffer?

Obviously if it's an infinite amount of output, it should do what less
does and not use up all memory.

Google was not my friend.  :)


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