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changes made to lisp-mode.el no effect

From: Kada Situ
Subject: changes made to lisp-mode.el no effect
Date: Wed, 7 Jan 2009 16:22:13 -0800


I wanted to add an menu item for uncommentting out region under Emacs-Lisp in lisp mode. So I added the following code in lisp-mode.el under my emacs installation directory (in C:\emacs\lisp\emacs-lisp to be exact).

    (define-key map [separator-eval] '("--"))
    (define-key map [eval-buffer] '("Evaluate Buffer" . eval-buffer))
    (define-key map [eval-region] '("Evaluate Region" . eval-region))
    (define-key map [eval-sexp] '("Evaluate Last S-_expression_" . eval-last-sexp))
    (define-key map [separator-format] '("--"))
        (define-key map [uncomment-region] '("Uncomment Out Region" . uncomment-region));; added
    (define-key map [comment-region] '("Comment Out Region" . comment-region))
    (define-key map [indent-region] '("Indent Region" . indent-region))
    (define-key map [indent-line] '("Indent Line" . lisp-indent-line))
    (put 'eval-region 'menu-enable 'mark-active)
    (put 'comment-region 'menu-enable 'mark-active)
    (put 'uncomment-region 'menu-enable 'mark-active) ;;added
    (put 'indent-region 'menu-enable 'mark-active)...

of course, I didn't forget to byte-compile the file. But the menu items don't seem to be taking effect after this. Am I missing something?

Any help would be appreciated.

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