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Re: How to get my mail back from RMAIL

From: John Velman
Subject: Re: How to get my mail back from RMAIL
Date: Tue, 06 Jan 2009 17:46:52 GMT
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OK, my face is red with embarassment.  I found a file called RMAIL in my
home directory, I found the command unrmail, and recovered stuff that
was in my spool file.
But I still need some advice on using emacs for Mail and News -- where
is the best place to look for it?

John Velman  


John Velman<address@hidden> wrote:
>After all these years I decided to try emacs again -- I never used it
>much, have been using Vim (and now on Mac mac_vim).  
>I've managed by stupid clicking to put everything from my mail spool
>into my mail folder in a format only readable by emacs (apparently). 
>Details below:
>While moving around in my newly installed (from disk image)  NS9.3-rc3
>Emacs,I did something stupid.  I clicked on "Read Mail (with RMAIL)" on the
>tools menu.  Of course I got what appears to be the whole mail spool  in
>one emacs window.   In a panic, I killed emacs.  Now my mail spool is
>empty.  I  tend to leave things that aren't from particular mailing lists
>in my mail spool until I can deal with them -- probably a bad idea, I can
>see now.  In my mail file I have files named "from" and "saved" that
>appear to have been put there by emacs,  and are only readable by emacs. 
>(But not in a pleasant format).
>OK ,
>1),  how can I get my mail back in a format readable by Mutt, for
>example -- they are too hard to deal with in the "saved" file format, and
> 2)  Is there a mail "option" for emacs that gives me a list of "from
>... subject" and allows me to save things in different places in plain
>text format --  I.e.,  I want something like the Mutt interface :-)    
>Or shall I give up on emacs mail and go back to Mutt?
>John Velman


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