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RE: ideas for customize

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: ideas for customize
Date: Sat, 3 Jan 2009 16:57:29 -0800

> BTW, are you the icicles person?  I keep being tantalized yet
> intimidated by it.


All you really need to get started is this 12-sentence `README for Non-Readers':

Icicles is like Emacs: there is a lot there if you want to look for it, but you
don't need to read the whole manual to start putting it to use.

Icicles minibuffer interaction uses vanilla Emacs TAB completion as its default
behavior. If you stick to what Emacs offers with TAB, you will notice little

If you don't happen to know about certain Icicles features, you don't need to
worry about them. You can learn about them and try them out little by little -
or not at all.

> For what it's worth, what would convince me to try it again is if it
> could be set to emulate ido (without that changing anything else).
> Dunno if it's possible or if you're interested, but thought I would
> let you know.

No, Icicles and Ido have very different UI models and uses of the minibuffer.
Don't expect either to reflect the interaction of the other. 

And, since each handles the minibuffer in its own way, they cannot be used
together. (Iswitchb can, however, be used with Icicles, and its buffer-switching
is somewhat like Ido's.)

That said, some of the interaction and some of the features of Icicles and Ido
are similar. And Icicles offers lots of customization possibilities, some of
which might seem a little more like Ido behavior.

> This would include emulating ido's use in org-mode for outline paths.

I don't use Org mode or Ido, so I don't know what's involved here, but feel free
to make a suggestion for Icicles wrt Org mode support. Either email me or post a
suggestion here:

Thx - Drew

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