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Re: keybinding for C-[

From: wlcna
Subject: Re: keybinding for C-[
Date: Sat, 03 Jan 2009 07:58:19 GMT

No responses? Anyway, I was RTFMing and did find a way to capture ESC using the special "function key" for it that the docs mention, very interesting and very connected to my question - YET, nothing for C-[....

This did work though to set a key shortcut for ESC, meaning only when the actual ESC key is hit does this take place, and it does not take place when the c-[ is hit:

(global-set-key [escape] 'shell)

Of course, what I want is the opposite: I don't care what the ESC key equates to, but I want to capture the C-[, meaning I type Ctrl-[ - I want that event.

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