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Re: Vi-like end of buffer in emacs?

From: Chetan
Subject: Re: Vi-like end of buffer in emacs?
Date: Fri, 02 Jan 2009 00:47:42 -0800
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"wlcna" <address@hidden> writes:

> Is there a way to get emacs to show something like the squiggles that vi shows
> under the last line of text in the file?  The ideal behavior is Vim under GUI,
> which shows that but also *just slightly* changes the background color with 
> the
> squiggles.   This is not a huge deal but I find it comforting to know exact
> information about the file, including how many line terminations I have in
> there, and this is an instantaneous way of telling that. 

I don't really use vi to know what you are looking for. However, there
are ways to configure and show buffer endings and empty lines and
such. If you search this newsgroup's recent history, you can find the
information. You can also browse the customizations with M-x
customize. There are a lot of them to list here. I don't know of
anything comparable in vi, so you are on your own there. 

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