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Re: Coding systems again

From: B. T. Raven
Subject: Re: Coding systems again
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2008 11:44:08 -0500
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Eli Zaretskii wrote:
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2008 09:01:32 -0500
From: "B. T. Raven" <address@hidden>

I thought I understood coding systems enough to copy-paste between Emacs and Windows apps but I am no longer able to revert (re-code?) text from a buffer saved as utf-8 to latin-1. If I have the following in a buffer, how can I send it in Mozilla Thunderbird as latin-1?

Theodosiô postea imperante rês aliquâtenus in meliôrem statum adductae sunt.

Circumflex diacritics are part of latin-1 if I'm not mistaken but I always get a warning that message contains characters not found in the Encoding.

What Emacs version are you using?  Emacs 22.x ought to use UTF-16
(a.k.a. Unicode) encoding when passing text through the Windows
clipboard, so any native Windows application should be happy with the

Can you try pasting the same text into Notepad?  If that works, then
the problem is likely ion Mozilla, not in Emacs.

Thanks, Eli and Peter. Part of the problem was a single character Y with circumflex (Unicode but not Latin-1). I am using Emacs version 22 but copy paste from Emacs to Thunderbird doesn't covert circumflexed vowels in Emacs internal representation to Latin-1 in Thunderbird. I got around the problem with:
C-x ret c
C-x C-w
and then closing buffer and reloading file. It may be something different with Thunderbird. I recently turned on Autodect > Universal under View > Character Encoding but I didn't understand what was going on. Maybe all I have to to is reboot.


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