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Re: bs-show breaks and get confused about the minibuffer

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: bs-show breaks and get confused about the minibuffer
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2008 16:34:36 +0200
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>>   err = no_switch_window (selected_window);
>>   if (err)
>>     /* If can't display in current window, let pop-to-buffer
>>        try some other window. */
>>     return call3 (intern ("pop-to-buffer"), buffer, Qnil, norecord);
>> so Emacs should ignore this but God knows what really happens.
> Hmm.  Doesn't `pop-to-buffer' use `display-buffer'?  Maybe the error is
> caused in there.  My `display-buffer' starts like this:
> (defun my-display-buffer (buffer &optional not-this-window)
>   (if (minibufferp)
>       (with-selected-window (minibuffer-selected-window)
>         (my-display-buffer buffer nil))
>     ...))

Do you use this as `display-buffer-function'?

> So it's conceivable I've worked around the same error, once.

Maybe.  I forgot that the C version of `display-buffer' used to call
no_switch_window.  Hence the error might result from there since
`bs-tmp-select-other-window' calls `display-buffer'.  With Emacs 23
no_switch_window is exclusively called by `switch-to-buffer' which is
still in C (I moved mine to Elisp and don't have no_switch_window any

In any case signalling that bug in no_switch_window doesn't make sense
IMHO since thereafter `pop-to-buffer' is called anyway.


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