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Re: html-mode unavailable (again)

From: Michal Blazejczyk
Subject: Re: html-mode unavailable (again)
Date: Wed, 27 Aug 2008 11:11:07 -0400

>> Hi everyone,
>> I posted this message some time ago, and received no replies.
>> Maybe this time I'll have more luck  :-)
>> I'm having a strange problem with my Emacs (version 21, on Ubuntu 7.10).
>> My Emacs didn't come with html-mode.
>> How do I get it?  I mean, a version that will be best suited for
>> my version of Emacs?

> Maybe you did not get any replies because your Emacs is quite old now. I
> myself have never actively used Emacs 21.

> Have you tried looking on Emacs wiki:


> Unfortunately the content of Emacs wiki is not very specific about
> different versions of Emacs, but at least that may be a starting point.

> However if you can upgrade your Emacs that would be the best thing.
> Emacs 22.3 is currently in pretest (bug fix release) and Emacs 23 will
> hopefully soon be released.

Hi Lennart,

I looked at the Emacs wiki, but the HtmlMode article doesn't contain
any link to the source code of the actual html-mode module.
That's why I posted to the list.

I will look into upgrading my Emacs.


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