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Incorrect tab-width when using non-english fonts

From: Forrest Y. Yu
Subject: Incorrect tab-width when using non-english fonts
Date: Fri, 22 Aug 2008 17:05:50 +0800


  I fetched Emacs- yesterday and built it successfully. It is beautiful. However, when I set default font to SimSun -- a common Chinese font, the tab-width becomes twice as before, that is, Emacs calculates the tab width in width of Chinese, which often occupies a space of two English letters. That makes my document looks weird.

  My last installation was done about 8 months ago. Things were ok with that version. The tab-width was correct no matter what fonts I used.

  This is not a simple tab-width problem, so I don't know how to search the internet. I tried but found no useful information.

  One possible solution is to use two kinds of fonts, one for English the other for Chinese, but that will make my doc fail to align. I need that one Chinese character occupies exactly the width of two monospace-type english letters. I cannot find any English font that satisfies this.

  In a word, my problem might be solved in these two ways:

  1. To make Emacs calculate width using English letters regardless of the font
  2. To find an English font whose width is half of a Chinese character (of course, it should be monospace)

  Neither of the way I know how to do.

  Could anyone help me out?

  Thanks for your attention. Your suggestion will be very appreciated.

Best Regards,
Forrest (YYu)

Stupid is as stupid does.

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