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Fortran (95/03) syntax highlighting

From: Izaak Beekman
Subject: Fortran (95/03) syntax highlighting
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2008 16:11:54 -0400

I am a relatively new Emacs user, and was wondering if anyone can help me with a few syntax highlighting issues.  I program in the 95/03 dialect only, and am not terribly interested in f77 hacks etc.

Right now my main issues are:

1) Incorrect syntax highlighting in variable declarations with line continuations.

2) No support for Fortran 03 syntax

3) .f95 and .f03 file-name-suffixes are not recognized.

I have included my .emacs file as an attachment.  This has been very sloppily cobbled together from other peoples .emacs files and various small enhancements I have made myself.  Comments and suggestions welcome.

Izaak Beekman
Princeton University
D309 Engineering Quadrangle
Princeton, NJ 08544


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