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RE: delete unneeded buffers

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: delete unneeded buffers
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2008 18:02:43 -0700

I said:

> Some possibilities:
> * `C-x C-b', then mark the buffers you want to delete, then `x'.
> * Use `ibuffer', then mark buffers by regexp or in other 
>   ways, then `x'. You can mark by matching a regexp against
>   buffer name, mode (e.g. Dired), or filename.
> * In Icicles, `C-x k', then filter buffers (e.g. by regexp), 
>   then `C-!' (act on all).
> * Define your own Icicles multi-command that kills invisible 
>   Dired buffers

I should have also mentioned that whenever you use an Icicles multi-command,
such as `icicle-buffer' (`C-x b', by default), that asks for buffer-name
completion, you can use `S-delete' to kill individual buffers on the fly. And
you can use `C-u S-delete' to kill all that match your current input, after

`S-delete' also works this way for other kinds of objects during completion. For
`icicle-find-file' (`C-x C-f', by default), for instance, you can use `S-delete'
to delete individual files or `C-u S-delete' to delete all that match your
current input.

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