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Re: keypad bindings in gnome not in xTerm ??

From: Kevin Rodgers
Subject: Re: keypad bindings in gnome not in xTerm ??
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2008 02:29:26 -0600
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William Case wrote:
Hi Kevin;

On Fri, 2008-08-15 at 05:16 -0600, Kevin Rodgers wrote:
William Case wrote:
I have some basic commands such 'kill-this-buffer' bound to keypad keys
e.g. <kp-subtract>.  As long as I am in a Gnome desktop it works fine.
If I switch to an xterm (C-A-Fx), the binding no longer works even
though C-h w says that 'kill-this-buffer' is still bound to
<kp-subtract>.  I have double checked that Num Lock is off.

How can I get my keypad bindings to work in xTerminals?  They are what I
am used to now.
What does `C-h k <kp-subtract>' show in xterm?


Ah, I see the same thing: - runs the command self-insert-command

Note the absence of "(translated from <kp-subtract>)", which means
that the terminal sent "-" to Emacs rather than an escape sequence.
You can confirm that with `<kp-subtract> C-h l'.

So I think you are out of luck and cannot bind <kp-subtract>
independently of "-" in xterm.  But a little bit of Googling
suggests that you might be able to get xterm to send escape
sequences via X resources; then Emacs should automatically
recognize <kp-subtract> via function-key-map.

Please let us know if you figure out how to get xterm to
send escape sequences for the keypad.

Kevin Rodgers
Denver, Colorado, USA

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