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Strange font-lock in cperl-mode

From: Joe Casadonte
Subject: Strange font-lock in cperl-mode
Date: Mon, 11 Aug 2008 20:42:39 -0400
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Just switched to ubuntu and in the process upgraded to emacs 22.1.1
from 21.3.1, and upgraded cperl from 4.32 to 6.2 (just to be current;
I had no problems with 4.32).

I have a little test file with some unusual but not exceptionally
hairy perl syntax in it:

| $hash =~ s{'}{''}g;
| print qq([WARNING] MD5 hashes do not match for "$filename"\n) if $dbfile;
| $heredoc = <<END;
| Everything after the
| start of the
| here-doc is part of
| the string until we get
| to the
| print $heredoc;

When I open the file, in the first line, the '}{' is highlighted as if
it were a string, and the '}g; through to the end of the file is
counted as a string, with the whole s{}{} being ignored as a regex.

I have to hit a space and then a tab at the beginning of the "print
qq()" line in order to get the s{}{} to highlight correctly.  Once
done, the qq() is NOT highlighted as a string, nor is the here-doc
highlighted as a string.  Alternately, though with the same results
for subsequent lines, I need to hit the tab key on the first line and
add a second trailing semi-colon.  Doing that on the subsequent lines
(individually) will then force them to highlight correctly, one at a

This all worked well under the 4.32/21.3.1 combination.  Any ideas?


Joe Casadonte

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