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Re: created by/with emacs logo

From: Tamas K Papp
Subject: Re: created by/with emacs logo
Date: 13 Aug 2008 14:30:48 GMT
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On Wed, 13 Aug 2008 15:52:10 +0200, Lennart Borgman (gmail) wrote:

> Tamas K Papp wrote:
>  > Hi,
>  >
>  > I am looking for a logo that says "created by emacs"
> "create by emacs" sounds nice, but Emacs is not that good. Yet. ;-)

I have seen this kind of thing for Xemacs, so I thought Emacs would have 

Even the splash logo (that appears when I open my emacs 23, a gnu, with 
Emacs written under it) would be useful.  How can I find that?  Could not 
locate it in /usr/share/emacs/23.0.0/etc/images (I am using Debian Linux).



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