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Re: Optimal emacs shell for coding

From: Lennart Borgman (gmail)
Subject: Re: Optimal emacs shell for coding
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 2008 21:28:00 +0200
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ken wrote:
| I am saying that if I from a shell outside of Emacs do
|   ls
| than I get several files listed on each row while the output from
|   ls | grep some-file
| implies that ls got the implicit argument -1 when used in the pipe.


You're correct: ls followed by a pipe puts each file on a line by
itself... easily demonstrated by "ls|less", "ls|more", "ls|wc -l",
"ls|grep -E $", and others.

Weird, but true.

That is the magic behind thinking, some people have find that this is useful and implemented it ... ;-)

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