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Hunspell/Ispell.el in LaTeX buffers

From: Jan Seeger
Subject: Hunspell/Ispell.el in LaTeX buffers
Date: Wed, 06 Aug 2008 11:52:41 +0200
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Greetings list,

I recently installed hunspell to get a better spelling correction for
german. I have installed a third party dictionary, converted it to
utf-8 and added an entry to ispell-local-dictionary-alist like this:

("de_DE_frami" "[[:alpha:]]" "[^[:alpha:]]" "[-']" nil ("-d"
"de_DE_frami" "-i" "utf-8") nil utf-8)

This works in all buffers, except in LaTeX buffers. flyspell marks all
words with umlauts as wrong, and when checking, it exits with "Ispell
and its process have different character maps".

It seems like hunspell does not use utf-8 encoding in TeX mode any
more. How would I keep ispell.el from setting tex mode in hunspell?

Jan Seeger

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