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Re: Emacs vs. TextMate (not trying to start an editor war)

From: Lennart Borgman (gmail)
Subject: Re: Emacs vs. TextMate (not trying to start an editor war)
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2008 10:45:24 +0200
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Xah wrote:
(of course emacs fans will tell you about several elisp code on the
web there that does multi modes... but the sheer fact to shop around,
install, get them to work is a pain and rather not trivial.
for those interested, see

Xah, did you ever try nXhtml? In that case what where you missing? Did you have to "shop around"?

I think to have emacs work with today's web dev needs out of the box
is one of the most important need for emacs.
(see )

Even for working with pure static html pages, emacs's default html
mode is quite lacking.
The default html mode in emacs 22 (released in 2007), is at a level of
~1998's commercial html editors. (of course emacs has redeeming
qualities, i.e. its elisp system and all, that keeps us still sticking
with emacs)

Web development is my primary area of expertise. I have to work with
html mixed with css, javascript, php, perl a lot. Fortunately, lacking
proper syntax coloring isn't much problem. (after all, 99.99% web
pages out there are so badly formed)

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