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Thai fonts

From: Henri Häkkinen
Subject: Thai fonts
Date: Tue, 08 Jul 2008 19:32:17 +0300


I am editing a text document that contains some portions written in Thai
script. When I open this document in gedit, for example, I see the Thai
text as I think they should be written. But when the same document is
opened with emacs, the Thai becomes gibberish to me as emacs is
substituting some other Thai font for it that I am not familiar with.

Somebody told me that I am required to use fontsets to define the font
which is to be used for Thai. Something like this:

(set-fontset-font "fontset-startup" TARGET FONTSPEC)

TARGET needs to be the character set I am setting the font for, and
FONTSPEC either the name of the font or object returned by font-spec

Can you help me with this? How do I find out the correct charset TARGET
and a font that supports Thai script? Can I use "thai" for TARGET or

Henri Häkkinen

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