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Undo/Redo Editing History Position/Length Messages

From: Nordlöw
Subject: Undo/Redo Editing History Position/Length Messages
Date: Mon, 7 Jul 2008 04:10:38 -0700 (PDT)
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I believe it would be convenient for the user to get the
position X and length N of the undo/redo-history along with the
current user feedback messages "Undo!" and "Redo!" in the package
redo.el. Examples:

- Undo!: [X/N]
- Redo!: [X/N]

where X/N is the Position/Length of the Undo-Redo-history.

I looked into the sources of redo.el but I can't figure out how to
extract X and N from all the lists: buffer-undo-list, pending-undo-
list. Does anyone have any clues?

Thanks in advance,

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