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Re: Trouble getting archives to load as archives

From: Davin Pearson
Subject: Re: Trouble getting archives to load as archives
Date: Sun, 6 Jul 2008 20:21:39 +1200

2008/7/5 Peter Dyballa <address@hidden>:
> How does it work when you invoke GNU Emacs as 'emacs -Q' or 'emacs -q' ?
> With -Q neither the system's nor your own customisation is loaded, with -q
> your's not loaded. In either both or in one case GNU Emacs should behave
> correctly ...

With -q and -Q and the following:

(add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist
'("\\.\\(arc\\|zip\\|tar\\|gz\\|lzh\\|zoo\\)\\'" . archive-mode))

Then loading a *.tar or *.gz file generates the following error messages:

File mode specification error: (error "Buffer format not recognized") [3 times]

Don't worry abou this as I have managed to get cygstart online
whenever you load a file in dired, so that a Winzip window pops up
whenever you load an archive file.

Sincerely and kindest regards, Davin.
Davin Pearson

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