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Re: mouse-2 event in Emacs 23.60.1 - ignored?

From: Peter Dyballa
Subject: Re: mouse-2 event in Emacs 23.60.1 - ignored?
Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2008 20:47:49 +0200

Am 02.07.2008 um 06:46 schrieb philkime:

I can't get Emacs 23.60.1 on OSX ( to recognise mouse-2

When you're really writing on the Cocoa port, then it might be better to write to this list:

        MacOSX-Emacs mailing list
        List Archives:

There were already reports on this effect. Here is an eMail I saved:

Rodney Sparapani wrote:

Hi Adrian:
Great work! I re-discovered one bug and then I found the solution. See func=detail&aid=1867278&group_id=148174&atid=770754 The short version is wheel mouse and 2-finger scrolling don't work. However, the solution is simple:
;; Enable wheelmouse support by default
(require 'mwheel)
;;Define the mouse scroll wheel
(defun up-slightly () (interactive) (scroll-up 5))
(defun down-slightly () (interactive) (scroll-down 5))
(global-set-key [mouse-4] 'down-slightly)
(global-set-key [mouse-5] 'up-slightly)
;;Support for scrolling Griffin powermate
(global-set-key [wheel-down] 'up-slightly)
(global-set-key [wheel-up] 'down-slightly)
(global-set-key [double-wheel-down] 'up-slightly)
(global-set-key [double-wheel-up] 'down-slightly)
(global-set-key [triple-wheel-down] 'up-slightly)
(global-set-key [triple-wheel-up] 'down-slightly)
This is courtesy of
where other interesting nuggets most likely can be found.

This bug seems to have disappeared from the tracker. But, in any case, Marcus Crestani has posted a much more elegant fix on xemacs- beta:

  (require 'mwheel)
  (setq mwheel-follow-mouse t)




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