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Docbook with nXML: completion and multi-file

From: Stefan Kamphausen
Subject: Docbook with nXML: completion and multi-file
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2008 16:44:04 +0200
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Dar all,

currently I'm getting accustomed to writing docbook using nXML.  The
basic setup so far is working just fine.  Using docbook 5 schema,
finding the corrent schema file using schema.xml, translating things
with xsltproc and so on.  Thanks, nXML! 

1. Completion of Attributes

Coming from AuCTEX I'm used to effective linking using RefTeX which
works like a charm.  Completion, popup-buffer, depending on the
keyword at point.... Great.  How could I come close to this with
docbook?  Somewhere in my document I provide an xml:id like this

<section xml:id="chaptername.sectionname" >
  <title>Section Name</title>
  <!-- ... -->

and later I create a link using xref:

  Somewhere in my text I want to refer to section <xref
  linkend="chaptername.sectionname" />.

Is there any way to get completion for the ID to use in the linkend

2. Mult-file documents

My first docbook document is becoming largish.  Currently it's about
2000 lines.  So, obviously, I'll want to split this into several
sub-documents and just include the chapter from the master document.
For this AuCTEX knows the concept of a master document, and PSGML had
this, too.  What is the supposed way to do this with docbook 5?


Stefan Kamphausen ---
a blessed +42 regexp of confusion (weapon in hand)
You hit. The format string crumbles and turns to dust.

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