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Re: Image-Dired thumbs issue

From: David Combs
Subject: Re: Image-Dired thumbs issue
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2008 01:03:26 +0000 (UTC)

In article <address@hidden>,
Kevin Rodgers  <address@hidden> wrote:
>Allan wrote:
>> The workaround, which is basically unsatisfactory, is to place the
>> ImageMagick binaries folder/directory as the first item in the `PATH'
>> environment variable. The problem is that if you do this you cannot use the
>> Windows XP "convert" built-in command. You might be able to get around
>> this with commands such as "set path=%path%;<my folder>" but it will
>> only work within a command window temporarily.
>> In my case once I tried the workaround I changed it back to the
>> default `PATH' environment variable setting. 
>Why not try leaving your PATH environment variable as is, and adding the
>ImageMagick bin directory to the front of the Emacs exec-path variable?
>Kevin Rodgers
>Denver, Colorado, USA

Please, could you say a few words about when to hack PATH vs exec-path?

(Is this true:

"PATH" controls the entire computer -- everyone looks at it,

whereas exec-path is seen only by emacs?)

That, plus some discussion of when to do each one?



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