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Re: how to delete messages from region

From: Reiner Steib
Subject: Re: how to delete messages from region
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2008 20:36:48 +0200
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On Wed, Jun 18 2008, Michal wrote:

> Hallo group members.

Better post questions about Gnus on gnu.emacs.gnus (aka
address@hidden aka gmane.emacs.gnus.user).

> I am in summary buffer and want to delete messages (nnimap) that are
> marked by region.  Is some ready to use function that would do it.

,----[ (info "(gnus)Setting Process Marks") ]
| `M P r'
|      Mark articles in region (`gnus-uu-mark-region').

,----[ (info "(gnus)Mail Group Commands") ]
| `B DEL'
|      Delete the mail article.  This is "delete" as in "delete it from
|      your disk forever and ever, never to return again." Use with
|      caution.  (`gnus-summary-delete-article').

Consider expiry instead of deletion:

,----[ (info "(gnus)Setting Marks") ]
| `M e'
| `E'
|      Mark the current article as expirable
|      (`gnus-summary-mark-as-expirable').

Bye, Reiner.
      (o o)
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