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Re: How to attach some gdb variant within emacs?

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: How to attach some gdb variant within emacs?
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2008 17:55:23 +1200

 > The gud-gdb works. That's really awesome. Thank you very much.

It's just the old mode from Emacs 21.  The GDB grahical interface that uses
the "--annotate=3" option is much better.

 > About the debug log, it has nothing but the license info even if I
 > input pwd or quit.

I don't understand how the license info can be in the value of gdb-debug-log
as output is only logged after it's been printed

It's value (using `C-h v') should end something like this:

 (recv . "\npre-prompt\n(gdb) \nprompt\n")
 (recv . "\npost-prompt\n")
 (send-item "set width 0\n" ignore)
 (recv . "\npre-prompt\n(gdb) \nprompt\n")
 (recv . "\npost-prompt\n")
 (send-item "set height 0\n" ignore)
 (recv . "\npre-prompt\n(gdb) \nprompt\n")
 (recv . "\npost-prompt\n&\"\\n\\032\\032error-begin\\n\"\n&\"No 
registers.\"\n(gdb) \n")
 (send-item "server interpreter mi -stack-info-frame\n" gdb-get-version))

 >                     I guess the root reason is that the gdb is too old.

That may be the reason.  It should work on GNU/Linux but you don't say what
OS you are using


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