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RE: command-completion for C- commands?

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: command-completion for C- commands?
Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2008 07:41:06 -0700

> Tabbing works to show possible completions of Meta commands. Example:
> M-x list-f<TAB> shows
>   Possible completions are:
>   list-faces-display             list-fontsets
> Is there an equivalent way to see possible completions for Control
> commands -- given the mode of the current buffer? Example:
> C-x<WHAT?>

If you use Icicles (with Emacs 22 or later), then you can complete any key
sequence, including Control-<whatever>. Each completion candidate shows you the
rest of the key sequence and the associated command.

Unlike C-h (after, e.g., C-x):

1. It works for all key prefixes (all key sequences) - including menus. C-h does
not work for many prefixes (e.g. C-s).

2. Finishing completion runs the command - it doesn't just show you help.

3. You can filter against both the key sequence and the command, using
substrings and other regexps.

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