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Re: Emacs manual URL citations for use in mail

From: William Xu
Subject: Re: Emacs manual URL citations for use in mail
Date: Sat, 14 Jun 2008 00:33:09 +0900
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address@hidden writes:

> Is it only done manually? 

I do.  Maybe Reiner's method will be faster.  

> That is, one simply types out the url (info "(file)node") By reading
> the top of an info page?

There is a commmand for killing/copying current title in *info* buffer,
namely "c":

| c runs the command Info-copy-current-node-name
|   which is an interactive compiled Lisp function in `info.el'.
| It is bound to w, c, <menu-bar> <Info> <Copy Node Name>.
| (Info-copy-current-node-name &optional arg)
| Put the name of the current Info node into the kill ring.
| The name of the Info file is prepended to the node name in parentheses.
| With a zero prefix arg, put the name inside a function call to `info'.


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