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two column postscript printing on OSX Leopard

From: John Francis III Dannenhoffer
Subject: two column postscript printing on OSX Leopard
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2008 14:31:33 -0400

I am trying to print in two columns using GNU emacs version 22.2.1 on MAC OSX Leopard

To the .emacs file, I have added the lines

     (load "ps-print")
     (setq ps-landscape-mode          t)
     (setq ps-number-of-columns   2)
     (setq ps-print-header                  t)
     (setq ps-print-color-p              nil)

If I issue the command "ps-print-buffer", I get a "Print dialog"; either printing or previewing results in a one column output (in portrait mode) without a header.  Interestingly, the output is in black and white; removing the last line results in a color output (so it appears that the .emacs file is getting processed correctly)

Any suggestions?

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