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set-the-color-of-the-character-underneath-the-cursor "white"

From: jidanni
Subject: set-the-color-of-the-character-underneath-the-cursor "white"
Date: Mon, 9 Jun 2008 23:45:59 +0000 (UTC)

In my bid to make the purple block cursor a little more noticeable,
I can do (set-cursor-color "black").
But then how can I do something like
(set-the-color-of-the-character-underneath-the-cursor "white")

DA> Cursor color is unrelated to the color of buffer characters, so it makes no
DA> difference whether you first (set-cursor-color "black").

DA> For the second, it depends on what you mean by setting the color of that
DA> character. Text property? Overlay? Font-lock coloring? Foreground? 

DA> The character underneath the cursor is the character at (point) (actually, 
DA> character between (point) and (1+ point)). You can change the foreground and
DA> background colors there in various ways.

DA> Have a look at facemenu and hi-lock. Look also here:

DA> I get the impression you will want to start with facemenu. That seems more 
DA> what you're looking for.

I did try indeed downloading that but didn't get far -- as you see I
am now twice the age of everybody, and can't use fancy things. All I
want is just one line:
(set-the-color-of-the-character-underneath-the-cursor "white")
if somebody can give me an example of how I might write that one line
it would be great.

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