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Windows Configuration

From: Florian Beck
Subject: Windows Configuration
Date: Wed, 04 Jun 2008 02:57:15 +0200
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Recently, I have played around with Emacs' window-configuaration.

Two problems have come up:

1. What I really want to record are the windows displayed, their
positions and their sizes. What I do *not* want to record are the point
positions in these windows. Right now, I can (a) save a window configuration
I like, (b)  do some work, (b') leave that configuration and (c) switch
to another configuration. When I restore I want to come back to (b'),
but I come back to (a). How can I do the right thing?

2. This might be a bit more complicated. Let's say I have a full screen
frame and want a rather small right hand area display three windows:


R1 displays an annotation file triggered by my own function; R2 displays
*Help*; R3 displays the most recent messages.

What I work in is *L*, the left side. How can I teach Emacs (mainly
`delete-other-windows' and `split-window-vertically/horizontally' to
leave the left side alone?

Florian Beck

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